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Adanna Duru finds a mystery lover in “King”

LA songstress Adanna Duru unveils ‘Fingertips’ music video with John Ibe [Premiere]

Premiere: Adanna Duru –
Stardive EP
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Premiere: Adanna Duru Unleashes "Manic Pixie Dreamgirl" EP


Adanna Duru: Eliminated ‘Idol’ Contestant Thanks ‘The Voice’ For Prepping Her

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Adanna Duru on her debut EP "Stardive," her influences, and what's next for the bright, young star

Watch: Adanna Duru's sublime and sultry video for 'Fingertips'

Press Enterprise

Schon! presents music video for Adanna Duru's "Doll" [Premiere & EXCLUSIVE interview]