dreams that keep you up. (rest in love, jabril)

It's kind of tragic to me, knowing that so many people have huge dreams for their lives, but are too scared to even verbalize them. Life as you know it, in this body happens ONE time. Not one and a half, not twice. Once. I get it. It's scary to take a leap, it's scary to tell your parents, "I'm not going to follow your dreams, I'm following mine." Your life can be so much more exciting than you would ever imagine. Go the extra mile. Start a non-profit, maybe you'll change someone's life. Start a side business, maybe one day it'll become your main source of income. Save up and travel somewhere, memories are valuable.

A friend of my brother's was tragically shot and killed in Antioch, CA on Friday, March 23rd. He died at the age of 22. He had dreams of becoming a pharmacist, and was proving to be very successful on that path. He graduated from the University of Southern California, Riverside as an Alpha Phi Alpha, alongside my big brother. Although his life was short, it was amazing to see how much fun he had. All the wonderful memories he shared with the people around him. It might seem like I'm going on a tangent, but I'm only realizing how precious time is. Use your time wisely, and cherish it. I feel like we hear this all the time, but we don't let it really sink in. It's been almost 6 weeks since Jabril's death.

I've only ever had a handful of conversations with you, Jabril. However, I was still able to sense that you had such an uplifting, illuminating energy. It was noticeable. Even those who have never spoken to you. Your soul is forever loved.

With that being said,

Your career doesn't define who you are, neither do your successes or accomplishments. Your heart, your mind, and how you treat the people around you are the identifiers. Everything else is excess. Make make the excess good.

What do you dream of?

#love #life #happiness

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