Heartbreak won't kill you.

I wish there was a formula for heartbreak. How to get rid of it, how to get through it, how to get over it quick. So many people downplay heartbreak, and I think it's really important to refrain from being condescending towards someone who is willowing through it. You have to feel pain to appreciate peace. Pain is an indicator that you need to stop and walk away. Sometimes, if not visited too frequently, pain can be your friend. BUT ONLY if you know how to balance it and listen to it. Get it out of your system so you can live. How we handle heartbreak sets the tone for how we will pick the next person to give our hearts to.

I have only ever truly connected with one boy before. He was the most recent. I've met a lot of men, I'm extremely social. I guess I've kinda dated, but even to this day, I've never been in a real, long-term relationship. I'm currently trying to heal from this recent separation, and I will. I'm already seeing how bright the other side will be. I'm excited to feel fully healed! But for now, I'm just letting time do its thing. Heartbreak is important, and for the first time I actually understand it. He was the first boy who ever truly got through to me, so the process is kind of weird.

I'm currently listening to one of my songs, "Stardive" as I type this. It's the title-track of the album. It's giving me peace for the moment. All these lyrics about my pain as well as my triumph, fake friends, real friends, family, Jesus, intimacy, & the rest is putting things into perspective. Excited to touch people. I'm staying home because a couple of homies went to a Syd concert that was 21+. Hooray for 20, 3 more months.

Welp, I'm babbling. Know your worth, and walk away if he or she doesn't. Spend time with friends to remind yourself that your life is still great without this person. Feel the pain, don't be ashamed, but look forward to the glory waiting on the other side.

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